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Health Concerns, Bupleurum Entangled Qi - 90 Tablets

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Chinese Therapuetic Effects: Vitalizes Qi and Blood Circulation Clears Heat and Toxins Resolves Phlegm Therapuetic Activities: Treats breast lumps Useful in treatments for uterine fibroids and ovarian, vulvar, or cervical cysts Can also treat depression
Direction of use As a Herbal supplement, 3 tablets, 3 times daily, between meals

Supplement Facts:

Servings Per Container: 30 

Internal: 3 tablets, 3 times daily, between meals 


Bupleurum root - Chai Hu 
Tang Kuei root - Dang Gui 
Blue Citrus fruit - Qing Pi 
Prunella herb - Xia Ku Cao 
Salvia root - Dan Shen 
Tricosanthes root - Tian Hua Fen 
Vaccaria seed - Wang Bu Liu Xing 
White Peony root - Bai Shao 
Cyperus rhizome - Xiang Fu 
Ligusticum root - Chuan Xiong 
Fritillaria bulb - Chuan Bei Mu 
Taraxacum herb - Pu Gong Ying 
Red Peony root - Chi Shao

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