Health Concerns, Mobility 2 (Clematis and Stephania) - 90 Tablets

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Mobility 2 is based on the traditional formula Clematis Combination (Shu Jing Huo Xue Tang). In traditional Chinese medicine, arthritis is caused by poor circulation, accumulation of moisture in the joints, and inflammation related to blood stagnation. Mobility 2 treats these conditions while also nourishing and circulating the blood and providing analgesic relief of pain.
Direction of use As a Herbal supplement, Take 2 to 4 tablets TID, between meals (Three times a day).

Supplement Facts:

Take 2 to 4 tablets TID, between meals
(Three times a day)


Red Peony
 -root chi shao
Tang Kuei 
 -root dang gui
Ligusticum root
 -chuan xiong
Rehmannia (cooked) root
 -shu di huang
Persica kernel
 -tao ren
White Atractylodes
 -rhizome bai zhu
Poria sclerotium
 -fu ling
Citrus peel
 -chen pi
Siler root
 -fang feng
Vitex fruit
 -man jing zi
Gentiana root
 -long dan cao
Achyranthes root
 -niu xi
Chiang-huo rhizome
 -qiang huo
Clematis root
 -wei ling xian
Angelica root
 -bai zhi
Licorice root
 -gan cao

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