Health Concerns, Shen-Gem (Ginseng and Longan) - 90 Tablets

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Chinese Therapuetic Effects: Vitalizes heart blood Tonifies spleen and heart qi and blood Calms shen Therapuetic Actions: Treats insomnia, nervousness, and anxiety accompanied by palpitations, fatigue, poor appetite, pallor, dry skin, excessive sweating, and loss of memory Consider as a long term formula for people with immune disorders, chronic fatigue and chronic pain
Direction of use As a Herbal supplement, 3 to 5 tablets, 3 times daily between meals.

Supplement Facts:

Internal: 3 to 5 tablets, 3 times daily between meals


Ginseng Ren Shen 
Poria Fu Ling 
White Atractylodes Bai Zhu 
Zizyphus Suan Zao Ren 
Astragalus Huang Qi 
Tang-kuei Dang Gui 
Salvia Dan Shen 
Amber Hu Po 
Polygala Yuan Zhi 
Longan Long Yan Rou 
Jurinea Mu Xiang 
Ginger Gan Jiang 
Licorice Gan Cao 
Cardamon Sha Ren

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