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Our Mission: Designing a Well World We are driven by a higher purpose. We are activists for health—rooted in and united by science. Transforming boundaries, breaking barriers, setting new standards, disrupting the status quo. We believe in science-based nutrition and natural medicine, developing health products without compromise, and advancing the way education and technology support wellness for all. We will keep discovering. We will keep connecting. We will keep fearlessly advocating for the greater good. So that one-day, natural medicine and the science of nutrition stand at the forefront of the healthcare landscape. Here, holistic thinking comes first. Functional medicine becomes conventional medicine. Supplements and lifestyles converge. A wellness epidemic begins. We design a new paradigm. We design a well world.


*new customer please register to create a new account and contact us by email regarding the free consultation. Existing customer please Login for consultation details. Designs For Health requires you to be under the care of a healthcare professional or practitioners. Designs For Health continues to be a respected force in the homeopathic and nutritional fields with its cutting edge medical and healthcare supplements and products.


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  1. Designs for Health, Carnitine Tartrate Powder - 100 Grams
    • $51.45
    • $49.45
  2. Designs for Health, DermAvail Renew Topical Antioxidant Skin Cream - 3 oz
    • $74.99
    • $68.20
  3. Designs for Health, Silvercillin Spray - 4 Ounces
    • $23.45
    • $21.45
  4. Designs for Health, Tricobalamin - 60 Lozenges

    Designs for Health, Tricobalamin - 60 Lozenges

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    • $35.95
    • $33.95

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